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Petition For A Dog Park In The City of Cottage Grove, Oregon

This is a petition for a dog park to be built in the city of Cottage Grove, Oregon.Dog owners in Cottage Grove and the surrounding cities do not have a fenced in large area to bring our dogs to like the residents of Eugene and Springfield Oregon do. We feel that our dogs need a place to be able to run off leash, in an enclosed fenced area to help them socialize with other dogs as well as people. we feel that we need an area as large as 50 yards around, and will have a watering system so residents can fill up swimming pools or water bowls to provide for the animals when they get thirsty.It is extremely important for dogs to be able to socialize with other canines are different sizes and breeds. Unsocializing dogs can lead to aggression of the canine around any other breed of dog they may encounter.Many dog breeds needs more than just a 30 minute walk a couple times a day for exercise. Many large breed dogs need that enclosed space to be able to run freely, off-leash. Please keep in mind the fact that some dog owners are disabled and may not be able to walk their dog at all for the exercise the dog/s need.for them it would be more convenient to bring their animal to a dog park, have a seat on a bench or what not and let their dogs run freely in the fenced area.So on behalf of our canines that we feel need a much needed dog park in our area,we sign this petition accordingly.

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